JASPER (JournAlS are PrEserved Forever)

Project JASPER is an initiative to preserve the long tail of journals. It was launched on World Preservation Day 2020 and is in response to research that shows that online journals (open or closed access) can just disappear from the internet. This happens because of a lack of awareness amongst smaller publishers around the need for long-term digital preservation and/or the resources to enroll a journal in a long-term digital preservation scheme.

Long-term archiving of research resources is of paramount importance for scholarship. Authors want to ensure their contributions to the scholarly record will be permanent. Scholars must be able to access all of the published research in their fields, both now and long into the future.

Project JASPER aims to close the gap in preservation coverage that currently exists among open access journals, and CLOCKSS is delighted to be a project partner along with DOAJ, Internet Archive, Keepers Registry and PKP.

Phase one is a scoping exercise aiming to find a solution that will reduce the number of unarchived diamond open access journals, and find cost effective and scalable approaches for preservation services in delivering services.

Long-term preservation is a profoundly important mission for libraries and other memory organisations. By participating in CLOCKSS you are helping us develop approaches to preserve this sort of valuable scholarly content for the long-term and in a cost-effective way. Thank you for your continuing support!