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At CLOCKSS our ethos is simple: we exist to preserve the hard work and knowledge of scholars.

We achieve this through our global community of libraries and publishers, with whom we work in collaboration with, to mitigate potential issues and risks, to seek future-proofing solutions, and to deliver a leading digital archive for the scholarly community.

CLOCKSS is governed by a Board of Directors with an equal number of librarians and publishers making decisions together about policies, procedures, priorities, and when to trigger content. This inclusive approach ensures everyone’s interests are upheld and that the preservation of content is at the heart of everything we do.


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Working with CLOCKSS – What you can expect

World Class Digital Preservation Services

Through the use of LOCKSS technology, and with mirror repository sites at 12 major academic institutions around the world, we can ensure invaluable digital resources are guaranteed long-term preservation and access.

Thought Leadership

Supporting our center of excellence at Stanford University, as a core part of the broader LOCKSS community, and with world leaders on the front line in digital preservation development we will champion the importance of long-term digital preservation and advance understanding of current challenges and good practice.


CLOCKSS holds the highest certification score ever recorded to a preservation service by the Center for Research Libraries. We preserve books, journals and related materials including datasets, images, metadata, software, video and more.


We offer advice and guidance to the scholarly community and associated groups, both directly and through collaboration with respected partners. We strive to be adaptable, flexible, and inclusive to meet the growing and ever-changing demands of long-term digital preservation.

Forward Thinking

Preserving knowledge and research is our priority. In an ever-changing world we must remain future oriented and proactive in our approach to continue to deliver a cutting-edge service and provide leadership in long-term digital preservation.


Our aim is to work with libraries and publishers around the world to ensure the long-term survival of scholarship for future generations. Our goal is to protect others’ content, it is not about any individual or about CLOCKSS, but about preserving research and knowledge and making it accessible to all. We are committed to equality and diversity and seek to collaborate with partners located in all regions of the world. Our ‘common good’ approach is doing what is in the best interest of the global scholarly community and the knowledge we work to preserve.

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Meet the team

CLOCKSS is unique. We answer to our community, not to a parent company. Board Members are librarians and publishers who agree future strategy, guide management, and set annual fees.

Working with CLOCKSS

Sustainable organization governed by its Board
CLOCKSS is a collaboration between world leading research libraries and academic publishers, CLOCKSS is a financially secure, independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, governed by its Board of libraries and publishers.

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