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A global leader in digital preservation services

We are CLOCKSS. A community-led collaboration of academic publishers and research libraries around the world, working together to provide a sustainable online archive. Together we ensure the long-term survival of our shared intellectual heritage.

At CLOCKSS, through the services we provide to libraries and publishers and built over the award winning LOCKSS software, we instill confidence in authors, scholars, policy makers, libraries, and publishers that scholarship is safely and securely preserved for future generations.

As global leaders in digital preservation, we ensure that all books, journals, and digital collections entrusted to CLOCKSS are protected and preserved indefinitely.


CLOCKSS is the only digital archive that assigns Creative Commons Open Access licenses to all content we make available, in order to ensure it always remains open and available to everyone.

Find out more about our services and how you can become part of the CLOCKSS community.


Sustainable Long-Term Digital Archive

CLOCKSS provides a sustainable online archive to ensure the long-term survival of digital scholarship. Digital content is preserved in the CLOCKSS archive with no user access unless a "trigger" event occurs.

Worldwide Collaboration

CLOCKSS preserves content in 12 archive nodes located at leading research libraries around the world, preserving the authoritative versions of 54 million journal articles, 475,000 book titles, and a growing digital collection that includes data, images, software, videos, and web archives.

Quality Research Content

The content preserved by CLOCKSS is selected by research libraries and is quality assured by reputable academic publishers.

Innovative Technology and Services

CLOCKSS uses award-winning LOCKSS technology to preserve content. CLOCKSS preserves scholarly content in original digital formats and migrates this content to new formats to ensure it remains usable. CLOCKSS safeguards scholarship against the long-term, well-documented causes of digital loss: human error, computer attacks, economic and organizational failure. In an ever-changing world we remain future oriented and proactive and are proven leaders in long-term digital preservation.

Permanent Open Access

CLOCKSS assigns Creative Commons Open Access licenses to all triggered publications to ensure they are open and available to everyone.

CLOCKSS by Numbers

56.6 Million

Journal Articles




Triggered Titles Open Access


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Supporting Libraries


Participating Publishers

CLOCKSS Community

CLOCKSS works in partnership with libraries, publishers, and other key stakeholders in the academic community. Together we mitigate risks to scholarly content through our trusted digital preservation solutions. By working together we reduce costs and stress for all.

Working with CLOCKSS

Sustainable organization governed by its Board. CLOCKSS is a collaboration between the world's leading research libraries and academic publishers. CLOCKSS is a financially secure, independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, governed by its Board of libraries and publishers.


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