Working together for the scholarly community

The CLOCKSS archive is governed by and for its beneficiaries, not a third-party. Publishers and librarians have equal say in deciding policies, priorities, and when to trigger content so that it becomes openly available in perpetuity.

To be successful we must think beyond CLOCKSS. We must work together. That is why we are committed to equality and diversity and seek to collaborate with partners located all around the world. Our ‘common good’ approach is doing what is in the best interest of the global scholarly community and the knowledge we work to preserve.

We are dedicated to working in partnership with libraries, publishers, and other key stakeholders to mitigate potential issues and risks, to seek future-proofing solutions, and to reduce stress or concerns for members of the scholarly community.


The CLOCKSS community

Participating Publishers: Find out more about the publishers that have entrusted the long-term preservation of their published content to the CLOCKSS archive.

Supporting Libraries: Find out more about the libraries that work with CLOCKSS to safeguard the long-term survival of scholarly content, maximizing return on investment and ensuring access and use for future generations.

Community Partners: The following organizations partner with the CLOCKSS archive on the long-term preservation of scholarly content.

Project Partners: CLOCKSS partners with a range of organizations on innovative initiatives to identify and preserve scholarly material at risk of loss.

Board of Directors: Unlike some scholarly archives, CLOCKSS answers to its community, not to a parent company. Board Members are librarians and publishers who agree future strategy, guide management, and set annual fees.

CLOCKSS Team: Find out more about the dedicated CLOCKSS team who remain at the forefront of the sector to deliver world-class preservation services.

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