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Together we preserve scholarship for future generations

Since 1999, academic publishers have collaborated with libraries to provide a global digital archive to ensure the long-term survival of digital scholarly content. This is because in the print world libraries were solely responsible for the long-term preservation of scholarship. When scholarly content transitioned online this became a shared responsibility. Publishers hold the content, and libraries are responsible for its long-term curation.

CLOCKSS was born as the trusted collaborative archive jointly owned and governed by libraries and publishers. This ensures that libraries feel secure that the content they license from publishers is guaranteed to always be accessible. Today book and journal publishers deposit their content in at least one, and ideally three, long-term archives. This is required by many libraries as a condition of doing business.

In brief, preserving your content in an archive like CLOCKSS makes it easier for publishers to license content to libraries or to publish their researcher’s works Open Access.

The world’s leading academic publishers have entrusted the long-term preservation of their published content to the CLOCKSS archive.


CLOCKSS guide on the importance of digital preservation for responsible publishing organizations

This guide is intended for senior leaders in book publishing organizations. The target audience is board and executive leadership, with scope across editorial, legal, marketing, metadata, production, rights, and related functions. The guide is focused on the foundational importance of digital preservation for responsible publishing organizations and the steps that senior leaders can take to facilitate this. No assumptions are made with regard to knowledge or a direct role in the legal or technical mechanics of meeting preservation requirements.

Participating Academic Publishers

The following publishers have entrusted the long-term preservation of their published content to the CLOCKSS archive. Each participating publisher agrees that if the preserved content is triggered. It will being made freely available to all.

As a community-guided organization, CLOCKSS welcome your comments and suggestions. Let us know what ejournals, ebooks, or other scholarly e-resources you would like preserved in the CLOCKSS archive. Please feel free to contact us.

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Affordable, Inclusive and Sustainable - As an independent not-for-profit charitable organization, CLOCKSS is committed to keep fees affordable and to enable academic publishers of all sizes and from all parts of the world to participate. Together we will preserve scholarship for future generations.
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Working with CLOCKSS

Sustainable organization governed by its Board
CLOCKSS is a collaboration between world leading research libraries and academic publishers. CLOCKSS is a financially secure, independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization governed by its Board of libraries and publishers.

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