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Libraries, publishers, and digital preservation experts share a duty to preserve the hard work and knowledge of scholars.

The world is unpredictable. Geo-political, technological, economic, and environmental change can create challenges in all aspects of society. Research and knowledge have already been lost.

Digital preservation should be an essential part of every library and publisher’s disaster recovery and sustainability plan. Through our digital archive services and active management, CLOCKSS helps you mitigate risks.

By joining CLOCKSS you will become part of a community dedicated to the long-term preservation of scholarly content.


Join forces with world leading libraries and publishers for preservation

“Long-term preservation of scholarly literature in digital form is crucial to the mission of academic libraries. Researchers in all disciplines depend on their libraries to ensure the safekeeping of the scholarly record, underpinning responsible research methods. The CLOCKSS Archive is a unique community where libraries can take united action to collaborate with publishers and with each other to ensure that the digital research is preserved now for the sake of future scholarship.”

- Richard Ovenden, Bodley's Librarian at The Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford



Digital preservation requires active digital archive management to ensure the content is complete and remains healthy over time. Digitized content, back-up copies, and content in storage can deteriorate, and so, do not offer the same guarantees that a long-term digital preservation archive does.

Using the award-winning LOCKSS opensource software, which was invented specifically for the long-term digital preservation of scholarly content, CLOCKSS is the only archive that assigns Creative Commons Open Access licenses to all triggered publications to ensure they are always open and available to everyone.

CLOCKSS is a Trusted Digital Repository and received the highest score for a digital preservation service ever awarded from a TRAC audit conducted by the Center for Research Libraries.

As a leading digital archive, CLOCKSS is trusted by research libraries and academic publishers all around the world. This is because of the services we offer, the technology we use, our human capabilities, and our ability to innovate.

Through our world class, safe and secure, digital preservation services, we ensure invaluable digital resources are guaranteed long-term preservation and access.

Affordable, Inclusive and Sustainable - As an independent not-for-profit charitable organization, CLOCKSS is committed to keep fees affordable and to enable libraries and publishers of all sizes and from all parts of the world to participate.

Enquire today, because together we can preserve scholarship for future generations.  

We look forward to welcoming you to part of our community.

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