CLOCKSS Triggers Science Foundation in China

Originally published by IOP Science, Science Foundation in China produced volumes 16-20 between 2008-2012. The journal ceased publication in 2012.

In July 2015, CLOCKSS triggered the Science Foundation in China to the public. It is now available for free to everyone.

The Trigger Process

When IOP Science announced that it was discontinuing Science Foundation in China, the CLOCKSS board determined that a trigger event had occurred and 5 volumes of Science Foundation in China were made public. Volumes 16-20 are now available from CLOCKSS host institutions: EDINA at University of Edinburgh and Stanford University.

These volumes were copied from the CLOCKSS Archive to LOCKSS boxes at Stanford University and the University of Edinburgh that are dedicated to hosting CLOCKSS triggered content. This network of triggered content LOCKSS boxes ensures open access to the preserved Science Foundation in China and other triggered content for the entire community.

Free Public Access to Science Foundation in China

EDINA at University of Edinburgh:

Creative Commons License

The Science Foundation in China content is copyright IOPScience and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.