Championing the vital cause of digital preservation

We would like to ask for your support in championing the vital cause of digital preservation. Your influence and reach could significantly contribute to the protection of digital content and our shared cultural and intellectual heritage.

Did you know that 25% of academic journals are known to be at risk?

For academic books, digital preservation is even less prevalent.  Ensuring the digital preservation of publications can serve as part of a publisher’s disaster recovery strategy and is also a compelling selling point when appealing to authors, commissioning content, or securing agreements and subscriptions.

Some additional facts:
  • CLOCKSS is a digital archive developed by and for the publishing industry. Founding publishers include the American Medical Association, the American Physiological Society, Elsevier, Oxford University Press, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis, Wiley, and Wolters Kluwer.
  • CLOCKSS is a harmonious community where libraries and publishers work together on developing digital preservation systems and outputs, rather than this happening only through exceptions and regulation.
  • We are a financially secure, independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization operating globally with participating publishers from 62 countries.
  • We have an active and engaged board made up of accomplished publishers and librarians.
  • CLOCKSS has earned the highest certification score ever awarded to a digital preservation service by the Center for Research Libraries. We preserve books, journals and related materials including datasets, images, metadata, software, video and more.
  • Operating as a dark archive, CLOCKSS diligently adheres to copyright laws through agreements with rights owners.
How can you help?  

We’ve developed a suite of literature designed to answer some key questions about digital preservation.   We’d be most grateful for your assistance in getting these important messages circulated. We would especially like to encourage you to share this informative guide developed by publishers and librarians (printed copies available upon request) and this Scholarly Kitchen article.

We are here to provide advice and support, develop industry standards, and provide digital preservation services if you or others require them.

Thank you for considering this request. While CLOCKSS is honored to count hundreds of esteemed publishing partners and library supporters globally, there's still more ground to cover. By working together, we can ensure the enduring availability and integrity of our cultural and intellectual heritage for generations to come.

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