CLOCKSS, the decentralized preservation archive that ensures that the digital assets of the community will survive intact, announced the support of thirteen additional libraries. CLOCKSS simultaneously announced that ten additional publishers are working with the archive to preserve their publications for future generations of researchers. “Participation in CLOCKSS is an essential component to our digital… Read more »

CLOCKSS Provides 2019 Annual Update

The CLOCKSS Archive has had a dynamic twelve months. Here are some highlights. In this past year, the CLOCKSS Archive has grown by 3.9 million journal articles, to 33.3 million, and by 114,00 books, to 186,000. This represents a 13% growth in journal content, and 158% growth in books (due mainly to the addition of… Read more »

Long-Term Preservation of High-Value Digital Content

“Long-Term Preservation of High-Value Digital Content,” an article by Craig Van Dyck Executive Director of CLOCKSS Archive appears in the News & Press: Amnet Thought Leader Series on the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) website.

CLOCKSS Archive and RedLink® Announce the Preservation of Remarq® Curated User Comments

Remarq, the editorial engagement and researcher collaboration platform from RedLink®, will give publishers the ability to preserve user comments in CLOCKSS. RedLink and CLOCKSS are pleased to announce the ability for publishers to preserve curated user comments submitted and managed via Remarq. Remarq is RedLink’s tool for the research and education communities offering collaboration, annotation,… Read more »


CLOCKSS today announced that eleven additional publishers are working with the archive to preserve their publications for future generations of researchers. “Our readers and authors rely on continuous access to the world’s scientific literature. As publishers, it is our responsibility to ensure that our high-value content will always be available. We are proud to partner… Read more »

CLOCKSS Announces Preservation of University of Michigan Press Ebook Collection on Fulcrum

Today the CLOCKSS Archive announced that the University of Michigan Press and CLOCKSS have signed an Agreement for the preservation of the e-books in University of Michigan Press’s forthcoming UMP Ebook Collection which will be hosted on the innovative Fulcrum publishing platform. Initially this will include 1000+ backlist books from University of Michigan Press and around… Read more »

CLOCKSS Announces its TRAC Re-certification

Today the CLOCKSS Archive announced its TRAC re-certification by the Center for Research Libraries, based on an updated Trusted Repository Archiving Checklist audit. With grades on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest), CLOCKSS maintained its score of 5 for Technologies, Technical Infrastructure, Security. CLOCKSS improved its score from 4 to 5 for Organizational… Read more »

CLOCKSS Formalizes Long-Standing Commitments from Four Leading Universities to Ensure Perpetual Preservation

How Does an Archive Guarantee “Forever”? Researchers, librarians, and publishers look to CLOCKSS and other long-term archives to guarantee that the scholarly record will remain intact in a world where rapid change has become a constant. CLOCKSS is taking steps now, as a strong and stable organization, to formalize its Succession Plan and ensure the… Read more »