Society for Sedimentary Geology Preserves with the CLOCKSS Archive

The CLOCKSS Archive is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology to preserve their ejournals and ebooks in CLOCKSS’s geographically and geopolitically distributed network of redundant archive nodes, located at 12 major research libraries around the world. This action provides for content to be freely available to everyone after a “trigger event” and ensures an author’s work will be maximally accessible and useful over time.

“SEPM is glad to have its digital archives of its journal and book publications protected for the future with CLOCKSS so that subscribers and purchasers of its content can be confident about future access,” said Dr. Howard E Harper, Jr., Executive Director.

CLOCKSS Executive Director Randy S. Kiefer adds, “By archiving with CLOCKSS, the Society for Sedimentary Geology has ensured that the scholarship in their publications will be available for a worldwide audience now and in the future in a manner that secures them for the long-term good of scholars.”

About: The Society for Sedimentary Geology is an international not-for-profit Society based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Through its network of international members, the Society is dedicated to the dissemination of scientific information on sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleontology, environmental sciences, marine geology, hydrogeology, and many additional related specialties. The Society supports the science and its members in their professional objectives by publication of two major scientific journals, the Journal of Sedimentary Research (JSR) and PALAIOS, in addition to producing research conferences, short courses, and Special Publications. Through SEPM’s Continuing Education, Publications, Meetings, and other programs, members can both gain and exchange information pertinent to their geologic specialties. SEPM’s journals go back to 1931 and it has published over 200 books on selected topics in sedimentary geology.

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