CLOCKSS Announces its TRAC Re-certification

Today the CLOCKSS Archive announced its TRAC re-certification by the Center for Research Libraries, based on an updated Trusted Repository Archiving Checklist audit. With grades on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest), CLOCKSS maintained its score of 5 for Technologies, Technical Infrastructure, Security. CLOCKSS improved its score from 4 to 5 for Organizational… Read more »

CLOCKSS Formalizes Long-Standing Commitments from Four Leading Universities to Ensure Perpetual Preservation

How Does an Archive Guarantee “Forever”? Researchers, librarians, and publishers look to CLOCKSS and other long-term archives to guarantee that the scholarly record will remain intact in a world where rapid change has become a constant. CLOCKSS is taking steps now, as a strong and stable organization, to formalize its Succession Plan and ensure the… Read more »

DOAJ publishes CLOCKSS article on preservation of OA journals

THE LONG-TERM PRESERVATION OF OPEN ACCESS JOURNALS The long term preservation of open access journals is one of the 7 criteria for the DOAJ Seal because DOAJ believes that it is an extremely important business process which a publisher of academic content should commit to. This couldn’t be more applicable than in the Global South where financial support and rigorous… Read more »

CLOCKSS Announces Preservation of Crossref Metadata

Today the CLOCKSS Archive – the long-term preservation service for scholarly content — announced that the CLOCKSS system will preserve all Crossref metadata. The Crossref system contains bibliographic information for 97 million scholarly articles and book content, and growing by ~2 million each year. Crossref is the underlying infrastructure for several crucial features of scholarly… Read more »

CLOCKSS Announces the Participation of Additional Publishers

CLOCKSS today announced that five additional publishers are working with the archive to preserve their publications for future generations of researchers. “Perpetual access to academic content is a very important asset for the scholarly community. Being an academic publisher, it is one of our key missions and therefore I am glad that CLOCKSS and IOS… Read more »

CLOCKSS Archive Announces the Trigger of Twenty-One Sage Publishing Journals for Open Access

The CLOCKSS Archive today announced that twenty-one journals have been triggered for open access by the CLOCKSS Board of Directors. The triggers occurred after Sage Publishing ceased publishing twenty-one titles after purchasing the full portfolio of Libertas Academica in late 2016, and the content would no longer be available online. The publications have been preserved… Read more »

CLOCKSS Archive and Code Ocean Announce Preservation Partnership

Code Ocean compute capsules associated with published research will now be preserved by CLOCKSS Code Ocean and CLOCKSS announce that Code Ocean will preserve its compute capsules in the CLOCKSS Archive to ensure the long-term accessibility of code associated with research articles. Code and software are increasingly crucial to the conduct of research and to… Read more »